Pieces of food and cooking are created when they are forgotten in the bowels of a sofa's upholstery. This is the starting point for a creation of the universe of the series Pop & Corn, creation of Animaking Studios.

Pop and Corn House Overview (above)
building where Pop & Corn's house is located (below)
Character designs for "Pop" e "Corn" (by Paolo Conti/Animaking) 

Coffee interior

 Interior of the apartment (kitchen and bathroom)
The organicity and shapes of the "Carpê Forest" were created with braided woolen yarns
and typical carpets.
Leather, fabrics, upholstery and fibers are the basic elements in the composition of external and internal scenes of the city.

Episode stills
Thank you!

Client: Animaking 
Creative direction: Paolo Conti / Camila Kauling

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